“Little Giants Vietnam”, the most successful talent show for kids.
Singing, dancing, performing personal talents, acting out skits and sketches based on popular television shows are only some of the weekly tests that ‘Little Giants’ contestants will face. Teams – made up of children who are between 4 and 11 years old accompanied by a celebrity who is there to support – compete to win votes from a jury that consists of celebrities who were also once child prodigies.
•Each team has a godfather. A celebrity who will experience every exciting moment alongside his or her team during the Little Giant’s competition.

• A jury made up by three well-known celebrities, who were child celebrities at some point.

•Incredible performances on stage as well as an exciting backstage in which the teams and their godparents will share the excitement of each episode.

•An exciting competition dynamic that enhances the emotion of each episode and the entire show.

  • GENRE Kid Talent show
  • LENGTH 85 minutes
  • TIME SLOT 19:00 every Saturday
  • RIGHTS HOLDER Color Entertainment